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Health is Wealth

Nate & Pam McCray are documented Multi-Million Dollar Earners that help to change the lives of others. One yes as Pam lost weight allowed the McCrays to turn her weight loss story into a 7-figure income in 17 months and their life was forever changed as they began to help others around the world realize that their health is their greatest wealth. After experiencing bankruptcy, repossessions and even becoming homeless, after Corporate America failed their family when Nate lost a 25 year Engineering career confirmed for them that they needed to be in control of their financial future. Now building teams around the world and inspiring others to focus on their health, their mission is to impact lives as they fulfill their God-Given purpose. If you're looking for a way to lose weight or simply take your health to the next level, click below to visit our website to learn more about the products and how you can work with Nate & Pam to change your life both physically & financially. For more information, email or send a text by clicking the contact us section for details.

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