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About Pam

Millionaire Mompreneur

Pam McCray is a mother, wife, and grandmother first.  She is a mother of 4 beautiful children and the wife of an amazing husband, Nathan McCray for now 33 years and a Glamma.  As an entrepreneur for over 28 years, she always believed that the Industry of Network Marketing would afford her family freedom.  With God first, family and then business, she has always had the desire to be in control of her day and her schedule to have the time freedom that both she and her husband Nate wanted her to have with their children and their family.  It was Pam’s drive, motivation, and her husband's belief in her that has resulted in the entrepreneur and leader that she is today.  Not knowing her God-given purpose, she set out on a journey to find out why she was created.  


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As a professional Wellness Coach, one of the first lessons I start with is by showing how everything we do is connected. Work with me and unleash the power from within yourself today.

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